Factory Visit Type

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia has opened a factory visit program for those who want to learn more about our production & manufacturing process. Here we have 2 factory tours namely; General Course Tour & Student Course Tour.

Terms & Conditions of the Visit

  • General and Student tours will be opened during the weekdays (Monday to Friday)
  • Participants must make reservations at least 7 days in advance and verify their reservation to get their booking code.
  • Make sure to properly register vehicles that will be used to transport the participants for the visit on Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia website.
  • Make sure the email address and telephone number that you provided are correct and can be contacted.
  • Special Note:
    1. Make sure you have arrived at the Hyundai Manufacturing Indonesia Administration Building 1 hour before the factory tour time that you have booked.
    2. Please come in accordance with the number of registered participants on the predetermined schedule. (1 hour before your factory tour schedule)
    3. The visit can be rescheduled or canceled by Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia due to internal / production reasons. Visits are not open on weekends (Saturday - Sunday) and public holidays.
    4. Participants are required to bring a vehicle (bus/car) to the factory tour location.
    5. The maximum number of vehicles for each group is 1 bus and or 7 cars with a maximum of 40 people. With a note that the driver (driver) cannot join the tour.
    6. Please do not remove the camera cover sticker that will be given until you have left the factory site.
    7. Each group can only make 1 visit during the current year. Groups from the same organization can register to join the factory tour again in the following year.
For cancellations and rescheduling, please click the ‘Change Schedule’ button

*Please prepare your group code from the confirmation email that we have sent to you